Premium Muzzle Brake installation and Removal Tools

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Upgrade your installation and removal game with our premium barrel bushing muzzle brake tool! Say goodbye to struggling with hard-to-grip tools and hello to effortless installation and removal with our aerospace aluminum tool.

Our premium tool is designed to provide superior grip and control, making the installation and removal process a breeze. No more struggling with slippery or difficult-to-manipulate tools - our premium tool is ergonomically designed for ease of use and comfort.

Upgrade to our premium installation tool today and experience the difference in quality and performance. Whether you're a professional gunsmith or a DIY enthusiast, our new tools is a must-have addition to your collection.


Always start with your firearm unloaded and safe.  Hold your firearm in a secure position with the barrel facing up and the sights facing away from you.

  1. Insert the back side of the removal tool (side with the hole milled) into the guide rod/ spring plug hole, (0.399-inch hole)
  2. Depress the tool about 1/8 inch and rotate compensator about 15 degrees counter clockwise. 
  3. Insert thin side of removal tool depressing the edge of the spring cap about 0.25 inches while rotating compensator to 4 0'clock position.  At this point the compensator can be removed.

Caution!!! The spring cap is under tension and may be ejected causing facial/eye injury.