1911 Fitment Guide

1911 Size Guide: What fits what?

Government 1911's

(5 inch barrel)

Commander 1911's

(4.25 inch barrel)

Compact/Officer 1911's

(4 inch or shorter barrel)

Full Size Grips YES YES NO
Compact Grips NO NO YES
Full Size Compensators YES NO NO
Commander Compensators NO YES  NO

 *Our compensators replace the barrel bushing.  If you have a bull barrel or ramped barrel our compensators will not install.


Government Size 1911's have 5 inch barrels and full size frames.  A Government 1911 requires full size grips.  The barrel bushing is full size and will only accept full size compensators. A commander size compensator will not function properly on a Government 1911. 

Commander Size 1911's have 4.25 inch barrels and full size frames.  A Commander size 1911 requires full size grips. The barrel bushing is shorter than a full size Government model so you will need to purchase a Commander size compensator.   

  • Government/Commander grip measurements: The distance between the screw holes, center-to-center is 78 mm or approximately 3 1/16 inches.



Compact/Officer 1911's usually have barrel lengths around 4 inches or shorter.  Only Officer/Compact grips will fit.  We do not make compensators for this size because they usually do not have barrel bushings

  • Compact/Officer grip Measurements: The distance between the screw holes is approximately 2 5/8 inches.


*Other barrel lengths and non-standard 1911's do exist.  To find out if an item will fit your 1911 you can find the relevant measurements in the product descriptions.


Barrel Types:

A Bushing barrel has a barrel bushing.  The barrel bushing's purpose is to support the front of the barrel in the slide and provide a bearing surface for the slide to traverse the barrel during the recoil cycle.  Our 1911 compensators replace the barrel bushing.

A Bull Barrel or Ramped Barrel does not have a barrel bushing.  Instead, the end of the barrel is thicker to provide the same function of a barrel bushing without needing the extra piece. If you have a bull barrel you will not be able to install a barrel bushing style compensator.