Installation and Removal


The install & removal video above is demonstrated with a Government Predator Compensator but applies to all of our compensators (Government & Commander, both Predator & Punisher)



Start with the barrel and guide rod installed in the slide

Insert spring and then insert spring cap.

Depress the spring cap with thumb. With spring cap depressed, insert compensator and twist into place.


Removal: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE COMPENSATOR WITH A VICE, RUBBER HAMMER etc.  If you are having difficulty removing the comp please do not panic.  Please follow these instructions and if you are still having trouble contact us here

Insert the back side of a 3/8” drill bit or dowel pin with a diameter of .399" to depress spring cap.

If you are still having trouble removing the compensator make sure you are depressing the spring plug all the way down to clear the locking lug.  You can use a slim tool like a thin file to grab the edge of the spring cap.  Sometimes, if you are not depressing the spring plug far enough, you can get hung up on the locking lug making removal difficult .

Twist compensator counterclockwise to the 4 0’clock position

Remove compensator.



DO NOT force the compensator onto or off of your barrel.  These may require minor fitting depending on your barrel and slide combination, but should fit right onto a stock configured gun.  I highly encourage you to contact us or visit a gunsmith if you have any issues regarding the fit of the compensator.
Only use Standard Ammunition with these compensators.
DO NOT use over pressure rounds ie P+ or P++



What are the most common fitment issues I may encounter when installing an after market compensator?

  • Some buyers may find that they need to modify the locking lug on the compensator if the fit is too tight.  If you are comfortable making modifications yourself you can usually do so with either a dremel or fine grit sandpaper.  If not we recommend consulting a gunsmith.
  • If your stock spring plug is longer than 1.2" it will most likely not depress down far enough to install the compensator.  In that case we recommend that you use a Valkyrie Dynamics spring plug, Commander spring plug, or shorten your stock spring plug.



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