Legal Disclaimer

Seller's other than Valkyrie Dynamics attempting to sell copies of our designs, found to be using our ASIN numbers, or misrepresenting their products by using our photographs and product descriptions will be pursued legally and held financially responsible for back damages, repayment of legal fees and profit loss.

The Predator Model is an original PATENTED design created exclusively by Valkyrie Dynamics.  The Predator design provides a better recoil reduction than the Punisher model.


SAFETY:  It is the buyer’s responsibility to be absolutely certain that any parts ordered are correctly fitted and installed. Firearms are complicated mechanisms and improper fitting of parts may result in dangerous malfunctioning, damage to the firearm and serious injury to the shooter and other persons. The purchaser and installer of parts must accept full responsibility for the correct adjustments and functioning of the firearm after such installation. Purchaser takes full responsibility of any misuse, abuse, neglect, modification(s), improper installation, improper use, or improper handling.