CC3P Grip and Rail System for the 1911

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1911 Grips with Integrated Rail Adapter and Changeable Panels

The ReCover 1911 Grip and Rail Systems have proven to be the most stable rail solutions on the market as well as the most popular, and are easily installed on your gun and under 3 minutes. The high-grade, lightweight, glass reinforced polymer ReCover 1911 grips can be installed without the need for a gunsmith, and requires no permanent modifications to be made to your firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions - 
Q. Are the CC3P and CC3H fatter than standard grips?
A. They are not any thicker than standard grips
Q. Will these work on a double stack 1911 or a compact 1911?
A.  These will work on all full sized 1911's only
Q. Are these sturdy enough to handle a light and hold 0?
A. We offer a lifetime warranty on these for a reason, they will hold 0 with a laser mounted and are even sturdy enough to use in conjunction with an upper rail
Q. Do you have a holster that these will work with?
A. The CC3P and the CC3H Grip and Rail Systems are compatible with our HC11 Holster and there are
numerous leather and kydex manufacturers that offer compatible holsters
Q.  I am concerned that these will damage my gun
A.  There is no way for these to damage your gun, we use the same glass reinforced polymer that most firearm manufacturers use to make their pistol frames. 
Q. What is the difference between the CC3P and the CC3H?
A.  The CC3P has no material that wraps around the front strap of the frame and also comes with interchangeable grip panels. 

Customize your 1911

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1911 Grips

Grip and Rail Systems are covered by US Patent 15688171