New Releases!!!!!!

Check out the latest additions to the Valkyrie Dynamics family!  

 We are pleased to introduce 2 new 1911 compensators, the CASTLE and the GR-1!  Both follow the same installation and feature an aggressive new profile and quite a few new functional benefits.   


We designed the Castle 1911 muzzle brake to maximize blast deflection and dampen recoil overall. The Castle improves follow up shots and target acquisition. Our lightest weight model yet!  Check it out HERE


The GR-1 is designed to reduce muzzle flip and recoil. The GR-1 deflects a large portion of the muzzle blast upwards through the 2 ports which greatly reduces recoil, improves control and improves target acquisition.  The recoil reduction on this model is a game changer if we do say so ourselves.   Check it out HERE