Valkyrie Dynamics Every Day Carry Pen [BRASS]

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Here is our brass body pen. 
The body, internals, tip and everything but that actual pen and clip are brass
There are two options for the brass pen, the standard pen will come with a Titanium clip, for an extra cost you can get it with a Damascus clip! 

-Sleek, minimalist compact pen machined from premium materials 
-Pocket-friendly, yet durable, the deep pocket clip and compact pen length makes for a secure fit.
-The pen uses a Fisher space pen style refill "The Space Pen" allows you to write in extreme conditions- under water, in space and even upside down! 
-Each pen is precision machined at Valkyrie Dynamics shop in Riverside, CA

They come with a Fisher Space Pen Black Ink PR4 cartridge.  A link to the refill ink cartridges that fit our pen is below.

Length: 4.6 inches

Diameter: .375

Weight: 1.65 oz


Torx screws

Refill: Fisher Space Pen Black Ink PR4 cartridge