Limited Run! Olive Drab - GRENADE - Full Size 1911 Grips

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CNC Billet Aluminum Ambidextrous Grips for Full Size 1911's and 1911 Clones

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STYLE: Grenade

FINISH Options:

- Olive Drab Green (Hard Anodized)

FITS: Colt Government (5" barrel) and Commander (4.25" barrel) 1911s and all clones which follow the standard 1911 specs and use standard 1911 magazines (usually 7 or 8 rounds).

Measurements: The distance between the screw holes, center-to-center is 78 mm or approximately 3 1/16 inches.

Return Policy: Satisfaction is guaranteed!! If you are not satisfied with your purchase send the items back to me unmodified for a full refund!!



These grips DO NOT feature the recessed cut into the back of the right side grip panel.

This cut is now optional.  Simply contact us at with your name and order number and request the "ambi safety cut".

To determine if you need this cut check the backside of your current grips.

For more info you can Google "1911 Ambi Safety Cut"



Seller's other than Valkyrie Dynamics attempting to sell copies of our designs will be pursued legally and held financially responsible for back damages, repayment of legal fees and profit loss.   



Dealer Pricing Available!