Frequently Asked Questions

Will this fit my 1911?

The best way to answer this question is by providing some basic information regarding 1911's.


1911 Sizes:

Government Size 1911's have 5 inch barrels and full size frames.  The barrel bushing is full size and will only accept full size compensators, not commander size.

Commander Size 1911's have 4.25 inch barrels and full size frames.  For the purpose of grips and magazines, this is still considered a full size frame so Government and Commander 1911's both accept full size grips.  However, the barrel bushing is smaller so you will need a commander size compensator.

  • Government/Commander grip measurements: The distance between the screw holes, center-to-center is 78 mm or approximately 3 1/16 inches.

Compact/Officer 1911's usually have barrel lengths around 4 inches or smaller.  Only Officer/Compact grips will fit.  We do not make compensators for this size because they usually do not have barrel bushings

  • Compact/Officer grip Measurements: The distance between the screw holes is approximately 2 5/8 inches.


*Other barrel lengths and non-standard 1911's do exist.  To find out if an item will fit your 1911 you can find the relevant measurements in the product descriptions.


Barrel Types:

A Bushing barrel has a barrel bushing.  The barrel bushing's purpose is to support the front of the barrel in the slide and provide a bearing surface for the slide to traverse the barrel during the recoil cycle.

A Bull Barrel or Ramped Barrel does not have a barrel bushing.  Instead, the end of the barrel is thicker to provide the same function of a barrel bushing without needing the extra piece. 

*If you have a bull barrel you will not be able to install a compensator because the compensators replaces the barrel bushing which a bull barrel does not have.


What is the Recessed Ambi Safety cut?/Do I need this cut?

The recessed ambi cut is a notch cut into the back side of the right grip panel.  It leaves clearance for an ambi safety leg some 1911's have which sits under the grip.  If you take off your stock grips and the back sides (that sit flush against the gun) are completely smooth then you do not need this cut.  If you do need this cut we will add it for no additional cost.  Just reply to your order confirmation email and request the ambi cut.


 What are the most common fitment issues I may encounter when installing an after market compensator?

  • Some buyers may find that they need to modify the locking lug on the compensator if the fit is too tight.  If you are comfortable making modifications yourself you can usually do so with either a dremel or fine grit sandpaper.  If not we recommend consulting a gunsmith.
  • If your stock spring plug is longer than 1.2" it will most likely not depress down far enough to install the compensator.  In that case we recommend that you use a Valkyrie Dynamics spring plug, Commander spring plug, or shorten your stock spring plug.


Why do you recommend a commander spring plug to install the compensator?

***Free Valkyrie Dynamics Spring Plug now included with all full size compensators and full size combos!

We recommend a commander spring plug because some Government 1911's have spring plugs that are too long to depress down all the way when installing the compensator.  If the plug is too long you will not be able to rotate the comp into place.   This is not the case for every buyer and if your spring plug is around 1.2" you should be fine.  We recommend it just to insure the fit but if your spring plug does not interfere with the install then you do not need to do anything.


How do I remove the compensator?

Please visit the install/removal page by clicking HERE.  The link can also be found in the drop down menu on the upper left hand corner of this page.


Will I need to use different screws or bushings with your grips?

Your stock screws and bushings should work just fine.  Some buyers prefer to use slimline instead but it is up to your personal preference. 


How thick are the 1911 grips?  Can I install them on my double stack?

The 1911 grips are .22 inches thick.  Slightly slimmer than what is considered standard thickness but will not replace double stack grips.  


 MATCH GRADE VS After Market

Match grade usually means hand fit.  Basically that your barrel and slide have the tightest possible tolerances.  An after market part is a part made to the closest universal specs to fit the most models.  An after market part is not guaranteed to fit a match grade barrel 100% perfectly with zero fitting simply because the part was not custom made for your firearm.  We try to get as close to a universal fit as possible but unfortunately not all 1911's are exactly the same.