Premium Scented Gun Oil

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Premium penetrating gun oil. with needle applicator

For the distinguished gun owner, our new Valkyrie Dynamics Scented Gun oil, rub our premium formulated petroleum oil into your gun with a subtle hint of leather,Bamboo,Teak, or Fresh cut wood. Also available for our more secure operators Coconut and Cupcake.... yes Cupcake "pink frosting and chocolate". Keeps your gun smelling good while your on and off the range.

Keep your gun running smooth, wont evaporate like other oils.

Needle applicator allows for precise placement of oil and a safety cap so you can keep it in your firearm bag or box without spilling


  • 15mL bottle 
  • Non-Flammable
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • It's not illegal in 5 countries.
  • Rust penetrating
  • Improves Gun accuracy
  • Increases Confidence on/off range